WorkshopBot – the virtual chatbot workshop

Available 24/7 – free of charge and without registration

Chatbots - strings of code, artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Or rather human-oriented communication and concept designing?

✓ Get to know the possibilities and design basics of automated interaction bots
✓ Learn the basics of bot concepting and interaction
✓ Explore the various use-cases, functionalities, advantages and limitations of interaction bots
✓ Learn more about different kind of bot personalities and characteristics of bot communication.

This workshop suits e.g. communication, marketing, customer service, sales or education professionals.

In the workshop, you will learn about the possibilities and design of automated interaction bots. Your automated bot coach will lead you through the various topics in a user-friendly way, without getting stuck in technical details. You don’t need any previous knowledge of programming or application development in order to complete this workshop!

During the workshop, you will draft your own bot concept. You can also view your own choices and comments as a summary right away. This allows you to take the lessons learned into practice without delay.

At the end of the workshop, in addition to new skills, you have your own bot concept drafted and can plan your next bot development steps. There are also some further tips to compare potential routes to move forward.

You can complete the workshop at your own pace – either at once, or in stages, and return at any time to continue where you left off. The workshop is free of charge, and does not require registration or identification. You can use your computer or mobile devices. Just ensure a stable network connection.

The estimated total duration of the workshop is 1-1.5 hours.

This workshop provides you with

Professional coaching

Step-by-step route

Summary of your observations